Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life's Desserts

Sometimes when I’m getting ready to go to school I try to see how many different colors I can wear in my outfit. The rules are as follows (“Nothing is only a game. Whatever you play, you must play it properly. There are rules.” – Juliet Marillier):

        1.      Each item of clothing may count as no more than two colors.
        2.      If an item of clothing won’t be seen (socks, hair clips, unmentionables), it doesn’t count.
        3.      Makeup doesn’t count.
        4.      Stitching doesn’t count.
        5.      I must be able to apply deodorant after all articles have been put on.
        6.      I must be able to move after all the articles have been put on.
        7.      The outfit must be contiguous in spirit.

And this is just one of many games I like to play. Two of my favorites are: Who Will Break First and Take the Trash Out? (I always win—best game ever) and Just How Many Cookies Can I Eat in One Sitting without Getting Sick? (classic.)

***Warning: nerd quote approaching

A Terry Goodkind character named Zedd—the Gandalf of the Sword of Truth series—says, “Leading a simple life fosters the urge for occasional flamboyance.” If I remember correctly, he was wearing a large, and very flamboyant, hat at the time. I like to think that living a reasonable life fosters a similar urge to be quirky, and I believe we should all be intentional about enjoying our God-given quirks.

 Life is already big and interesting and epic. It’s the little games we play that give it pizzazz (see? I could have said “flavor” there and we’d all be bored). So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play How Much Snot Can You Expel in a Single Noseblow? (a lot)

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