Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lots of Lurve


Oh hi cutest things ever
I recall a post a while ago when I wrote that any class I taught (I wrote this in Korea) could take a dramatic 180 or, for that matter, a 360. It's not that I was wrong, exactly. It's that I left out the backlash. It's like sitting on a swing and twisting the ropes up for maybe four rotations. If you've coiled up the tension right (and you have a good swing with long enough ropes) you ought to untwist so fast that you retwist at least a couple times the other way. 

That's how today was. I planned a lot, but when all that came untwisted, the real day began.

Despite the schedule (which isn't even a guideline anymore), no one was available for an English lesson today. So I took the day off and enjoyed Valentine's Day as if it were a real holiday.

Instead of teaching today I...

...went for a small walk
...made a couple lesson plans
...transcribed one of the most beautiful testimonies I've ever heard (I hope to share it with you soon)
...observed a pig being chopped up in a pool of its own blood (I'd heard its death screams a mere three hours earlier)
...bought and arranged upwards of 200 flowers into ten or so Valentine's Day-themed table decorations.
...did the dishes
...tied ribbons to said decorations (I'm not crafty, so this was harder than it sounds)
Cheerful butchers
...ate the best dinner at P'Joy's house: potato curry with chicken (and heavenly green ice cream on a stick for dessert)
...accepted Valentines from P'Joy's sons (two of which thoughtfully wished me a Merry Christmas)

                    ...had a mini dance party with Nana and Diyo
...cut and glued pretty paper onto boxes for Nerry's homework assignment.

I've written about the difficulties of holidays outside of America but let me just say that Valentine's Day is much better beyond the confines of the U.S.A.


My partner in flower crime.

p.s. putting pictures on this blog has always been my kryptonite. I'm working on fixing the old ones. In the meantime, try not to judge my organizational skills by the haphazard alignments of these photos. So far I have been unsuccessful in figuring out what code words/signs/covert clickings blogger wants me to do to communicate my photographical intentions. I'll try Mermish next. Then Klingon? We'll see.

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