Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Interesting Aspect of Korean Culture

I am seriously busy these days for some reason. It feels just like college did; around the second month of the semester everything piles up into  unmanageable hunks of work that I can only complete by multitasking like a fiend. Although I've been recklessly neglecting this blog, I'm still writing everyday, but nothing is ready to be posted. 

Luckily, my students have been doing a lot of writing recently. I teach a sophomore composition class and it's perhaps my favorite class this semester. Writing is very fun to teach and the best part is, I get to read the paragraphs I assign. Here is paragraph #1: An Interesting Aspect of Korean Culture, by "Clay." It hits on some of the things that are particularly annoying me about Korean culture these days and also takes a ninety degree turn into left field.

"I think trend is interesting in Korea. Korea has many trend. For example fashion. Fashion is typical trend. Fashion trend often change. Fashion trend made by famous entertainer. If famous entertainer put on the pretty style cloth. Soon many people put on that cloth. But trend change very fast. I think fashion trend is good. But I think, more important is own individuality. It is first interesting culture. Second is eat dog. I can't understand. But many people eat dog. I didn't eaten and I never eat. I think dog is Humans friend. Don't eat dog."

My mom was mad at the seagulls. But I promise, Clay:
she didn't eaten dog either.

It remains to be seen exactly why Clay thinks "fashion trend" is, as he so descriptively put it, "good.". But I'm very proud of Clay. We talked about concluding sentences "closing the lid" of a paragraph as a metaphorical box. I honestly can't think of a better way to thoroughly shut this paragraph down that Clay's own words:





  2. I appreciate any paragraph that starts about fashion and then ends on eating dogs

  3. We only eaten "hot dog". Never cold dog and never puppy dog. ;o)

  4. NICE-UH!

    I got laughing at some journal entry's my students wrote.

    "We ordered some alcohol..(secret..especially other teachers!) So they drunk. (Only girls! Not me) So we tried to go to sauna, but some girls was lose her's sanity. Run away ~ plump down on the ground ~ So I'm going crazy!"

    I couldn't help but laugh...a lot!