Monday, September 17, 2012


So my friend from college whose name is (awesomely) Griffin, immortalized in this post by equally awesomely named friend from the same college Sanna, started a website. It's a completely sweet idea: a website written and run by 17-30 year-olds targeted at the interests of the same age group. I've been writing for it the past month-ish which might be one of my reasons for slacking on posts a bit lately.

All that to say this: check it out. Read a couple articles (I've linked mine here and here and here. Narcissism!) If you like to write, write for it. Seriously. More people need to be writing these days and yes, you are good enough. All the writers will tell you that writing is about practice more than skill. And with that rallying cry-!

And with this picture of a typhoon:


  1. I was wondering why that post on Griffin had suddenly gotten so many hits.

    1. I would like to install a "like" button just for myself for comments like these. I feel hamstrung without one . . .