Sunday, December 16, 2012


           What are we willing to give up for someone else’s life? Our lives? Our sports? Our property? Our rights? It’s an interesting question. We’ve learned after the events in Connecticut that teachers are willing to give up their lives for their students, but are the rest of us willing to give up our comfort? Our property? The safety a gun provides? Our traditions? Our “principles” that say a gun-owners right to property and pursuit of happiness is more valuable than a chance at saving a child’s life?
            If it’s about rights, we need to first admit that it’s about our rights, not just rights. Our right to choose, over another’s. My right to choose anything: my right to own a gun, my right to speed, my right to comfort, my right to an abortion. We are and have been fighting over who gets what right and whose rights are more important than someone else’s.
            What frustrates me more than anything is that the many people I know who own guns are also Christians and patriots—people who love God and country and many of whom have sacrificed much for both. These are some of the best people our country has to offer and to these people, I ask:
Patriots, are you willing to sacrifice your way of life to save someone else’s child? Are you willing to serve our country in a way that’s truly uncomfortable to you? Will you give up your priorities for the sake of a (well-researched and extremely probable) chance at saving a life? Is it worth it to you? Will you truly step up and be the best America has to offer, people full of sacrifice, integrity, and humility?
Christians, are you willing to trust your safety and the safety of your family to God rather than a handgun in the bedside table? Are you willing to allow for Godly sorrow rather than righteous anger? Are you willing to do what is right in the sight of God and man? To turn the other cheek? To walk two miles instead of one?
For once, America, let’s be radical. Let’s do something good. Let’s unify and get something done.
Data source: United Nations (Max Fisher — The Washington Post) Link

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