Friday, March 15, 2013

Peer Review

In no uncertain terms, my university has announced that our contract renewal will be based upon our students reviews. I can think of stupider things to do (eat broccoli deep-fried in chocolate sauce, assign Elaine 46 students in one conversation class and 39 in a composition class, for instance). However, I’m going on to graduate school and not renewing my contract, so I don’t much care. Nevertheless, filled with curiosity, I read my student evaluations from last semester. Apparently, I didn’t teach my students well enough for them to write their evaluations in English, so I had to use Google translate.

And therein, I found a blog sitting, waiting. Judge me as you will:

English Literature Readings:

1.      Classes can have hope. 
2.      :D
3.      Professors like!
4.      Was a good time
5.      : D

Average rating: 4.24/5

Freshmen Conversation:

1.      Professor too too good
2.       Well done
3.       Painting because there are many difficulties. ((회화 means “conversation” as well as "painting," turns out) 
4.       Like Elaine professor

Average rating: 4.17/5

Global English
It was a good time for one semester. Well done
Perfect challenge and test my class as much as Professor does to me
Thanks for an unforgettable lesson.
thank you ~ ~ ^ ^
Professor contribute to lively classroom atmosphere was lively and good.
I love you Elaine
Good very Gute Elanine
Lacking we teach as well as many other makers suffer ^ ^
teacher very good! English is very fun! god bless you ~
Benefits have been
Salutary lesson was
suffering has
Was able to get a good knowledge.
La Lecture of the first foreign professor and fun and a lot of tension, but I hear it was painless.
Take courses on English as fear disappear
elaine!!!! I studied very hard this semester. Thank you. ♥
Did much trouble for one semester!
 _thank you. profassor_
Professor done
Elaine ~ I was very happy to meet you. Thank you.
bye ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Average rating: 4.4/5

my personal favorite?

"Suffering has"

But turns out, it's a mistranslation (like 90% of the above, probably). "Suffering has," my friend Kim informed me, means "thank you for suffering for us" rather than "I endured much suffering." Turns out that's what my students have been saying for the past year and a half and that's the phrase I was told to repeat after every soccer game:


My prayer at the beginning of this week was that I might be grateful for my job, and boy did my students step up to the task. They're an eclectic bunch (not a word I use to describe Koreans very often) and I'm pretty sure this semester will be something fantastic.


  1. sooooo, which grad school and in what?

    1. Purdue University (it's a good school AND near to home; my parents and I are pleased) for communication. Have you decided where you'll be and for what? You're going in the fall too, right?