Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Few of My Favorite (Korean) Things

Cute socks!

Odeng. Mostly because it sounds like "Oh dang!" But it's also pretty tasty and filling and doesn't make you feel gross, like a lot of street food. That said, I never want to know is actually in it. 

Happy hats

Toss up between ahjumma headgear and awesome Korean side dishes . . . prepared quite literally on the street, apparently.


 Again a toss-up: church friends and a veritable mound of Baskin Robbins. Someday I'm hoping to challenge myself and try to eat an entire one of these by myself. Who wants to bet I can't?
(ambiguous pronouns are killer; my students don't believe me

When it rains, the umbrellas come out with a vengeance. Luckily every store has these little buckets for umbrellas. There's always the niggling worry, however, that someone will spy your slightly fancier umbrella and walk out with it when you're not looking. Or maybe other people worry, anyway. My umbrella is never fashionable enough for me to worry about this...

Cheap tickets to soccer games! And enthusiastic (if small and sometimes uninformed) audiences to watch them with. 

Pajang and Meokkoli! I think I'm technically not supposed to drink meokkoli. Banana-flavored awesomeness.

Vanilla Latte with obligatory foam art.

Perhaps my favorite moment from our English Department retreat this year. Each of the teachers was in charge of a game. My game sucked. Moreover, none of us knew how to play it - me included. So the first round consisted of my students physically attacking one another until we got the rules under control. Every single group played it differently, according to their team's character.

How to Play Human Stopwatch:

General idea: Given a certain amount of time (under 30 seconds), a team had try to count it without the help of a clock. If they got it (margin of error, one second either side), they got the point. The other team would try to distract them.

Addendum: no physical contact ("no touching! no touching!")

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