Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ryan Giggs, Guest-Blogger

It's finals week and the week before I leave for Japan and the week before I give a presentation at a conference . . . so, no blogpost from me. Luckily, we have Ryan Giggs (a.k.a Jungeun Park), former Manchester United footballer guest-blogging this week. On his midterm, Giggs wrote the only paragraph to make me laugh out loud:

"My mother is king of the home. She always shout father, brother and me. She said that wake up sloths who is our nickname until we wake up. And she always cook for us. If she don't give some food, we can't eat food, because we are sloths. So, I don't against my king because I'm always hungry!"

jk. I just don't have a picture of the real Giggs. THAT must be remedied!

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