Thursday, May 22, 2014


This is grad school.
For the past ten months I feel like I’ve been chewing grass clippings in order to escape the pile of them I was under during the first and second semesters of graduate school. Every so often I’d get wise and write something fun and feel fresh air again, but always with a sense of exhaustion and the feeling that I needed to dutifully get back to chewing those grass clippings (i.e., read articles, write papers, grade students’ outlines).

But now, with summer here and grad school a distant memory, I’ve been writing every day, reading things I’m actually interested in, and—the holy of holies—planning a trip to Europe. It’s at the messy stages right now, but I know the basics. I’ll be working with a nonprofit near Athens doing . . . whatever they need me to do.

By now you’ve probably realized there won’t be a lot of meat from this blogpost, given I still have no idea what’s going on with my life, even in the short term. So for fun, I wrote REAL BLOGPOST on an article I read last night: “Why I Miss Being a Born-Again Christian.”