Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Change of Pace

Clearly this whole blogging thing has not really been a blogging thing for me this last year. I chalk it up to a change in careers, which is a sneaky way of segueing into what I want to turn this blog into for the next three months.

As a master's student in communications, I'm taking a course about careers this semester. So far the readings and class discussions have been very engaging due mostly to the fact that career is something that affects nearly everyone. How we think about our careers, what we expect from them, how we experience them and so on, these are issues we all grapple with. Because I, too, am grappling with them now - not only in this course but also as I decide next career steps after graduation in nine months or so - I want to shift this blog from travel-focused to career-issues focused.

*Caveat: if I ever meet BoomTiger again, I will post about the serendipitous occasion rather than stuff about work and creativity and risk and vocation etc.

What I hope for from you, my hapless readers, are comments. I may even hunt down some people I know and email them for a quote or a reaction. I may even hunt you down, whoever you are, and bribe you with ice cream for a comment on a particular topic that relates to you and your job specifically. The goal, as so often is with blogs, is a conversation. Join me?

Comment below, message me on facebook, text me, email me, whatever you'd like, if you're willing to be very slightly hunted down every once in a while to be asked to speak into this conversation. As motivation I give you (below) a picture of cloudy Prague, thoroughly unrelated to the topic of this post except as a red herring.


  1. OK, as a mystery reader ya got me with the red herring. I think the topic is interesting because retirement gives a different perspective on my career than when I was actually working. (Deleted post above because my iPad was acting up and cut me off.)

    1. On week 4 of the class we start the section on "Career Tensions and Transitions Throughout the Lifespan--Babies through Retirement." I'm very excited to read about it and message you for an opinion. :)