Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Kosin University Student

Some blog posts just write themselves. The results of my “ten sentences using ‘have to/has to’” assignments are as follows:

I have to get up early tomorrow. I have to study hard.
I have to diet.
I have to exercise.
I will have to challenge in life. This is power that I was movement.
I have to draw my eyeline.
I have to log some Z’s.
I have to find a job. I have to get married. I have to makeup my face.
I will have to be tasted again.
I have to dry down the laundry.
She has to cook for her husband.
I have to be with her.
Do I have to see him?
He has to be joking.
I have to do what I have got to do.
Do I have to spell it out for you?
I have to soccer. (Agreed.)
I have to finish this homework.
I have to attend this class.
I have to study English hard.
This homework has to be finished by Wednesday! (Really, Tuesday.)
She really has to relax all the time.
He has to be quite.
He has to tell me “tuve.” (or tune, ture, lure, love?)
Do we have to fight?
You have to agree my opinion.
We have to protect the environment.  You have to finish the homework. You’d have to use a lot more sugar. I have to be patient. You have to clench your teeth.
I don’t have to forget you.
She has to eat a midnight meal.
I have to study English.
I have to make-up every day.
I have to date.
I have to make rice be eaten.
I have to meet a lot of people and have good relations.
I have to live very happy, funny, and well.
I have to wear clothes. (It’s rough here in Korea)
I have to live to eat.
I have to make my boyfriend.
I have to go the bathroom once a day.
She has to write a letter. He has to remember her every day. He has to call her.
I have to play the game.
My mother has to loves me because I love her she.
I have to try to understand you.
They have to get out of here because so terrible noise.

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