Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tea-less State

My compuer (name: Johann) is abou 1 year old and herefore pracically decrepi. One foo in he grave, if you will. Bu he’s sill go some ricks up his sleeve. One such rick is his: every day a new key on his keyboard doesn’ work. Can you guess wha oday’s is? Pain in he bu.

It works if you slam it, though, which is why I am still updating. Plus, I’m sure there’s some kind of crazy good metaphor for life mixed up in all this nonsense.

I can' figure i ou hough. So here are some picures:

Kosin University's pretty serious about their cooking major.
No joke--there are about 4 more rooms for "Food Chemistry"
Three little piggies!
Prayer slates at the Buddhist temple
I am the blood of the dragon.
(Game of Thrones, anyone??)

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