Monday, October 31, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Some days are such a struggle. Mondays, in particular, have that nasty habit. Often there’s no reason for it, but by noon I’m thinking how is it not Friday? How is this day still going? That was today.

A nasty backbiter of a day.

Luckily I have trustworthy colleagues who have my back and can make me smile.

Unfortunately, I did not see Elijah today, which might
have contributed to the Mondayness of it all.

Crazy kids.
Aaaaaand I have a boombox. It weighs fifty
pounds and plays cassette tapes. Lucky girl, huh?

Even more luckily, God gave me a little hug today. I was playing my violin in a big classroom full of empty desks and scattered chairs. Lee tickled the hell out of the ivories while Richard and Park (Korean friends of ours) barged in with guitars at the ready. They sang in Korean, we sang in English, and we all knew the melody. Music and God baffle me that way.

Plus, I truly do believe there's always a silver lining. I just found it: 

"Baffles" is only one letter away from being "waffles."

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  1. I'm a little ashamed of the first picture...but then I think about how much fun I was having, and I'm ok with it. Also, it's always weird going through a day without seeing one of you guys.