Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Most Adorable Korean Lesson You Will Ever Learn

I’m going to give you your first lesson in Korean. Don’t worry; it’s not one of those boring lessons about how to say “Hello! Nice to meet you, you dirty f***ing slut-whore” like my first lesson in Korean. This is much easier to say.

The Korean verb “to apologize” is sagwahada (사과하다). “Hada” (하다) is the verb of verbs. For those of you who know your Japanese, this is the “suru” (する) of the language. The closest English has to “hada” (하다) and “suru” (する) is “do.”[1] We can mix these verbs with all sorts of nouns to create verbs. Song+do = sing a song. In Japanese, you say shoppingu o suru (shopping) or sukii o suru (skiing).

So. We have 하다 = do.

Stay with me. This is where it gets adorable.

The first part of the verb is 사과, so where in song + do = sing a song, now we have 사과 + do = to apologize. But 사과 by itself means “apple.”

Apple + do = apologize.

Can you guess the adorable part now?

As Hanna explained it, “You don’t have a Korean boyfriend now but you are 진짜귀엽다 (jinjja gwipta: really cute), so when you have a Korean boyfriend, you will fight with him. When you make up, you should bring him an apple and say,


sagwa badda juseyo.


Please accept this apple/apology.

But remember to pronounce all the b’s as sort of p’s and all the d’s as sort of t’s too, but more of a d sound. Oh and the j’s sound a little like ch’s. Sorry it’s a little complicated for you English speakers out there. I apologize.


[1] English needs a cooler alphabet, am I right??

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