Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kosin University Blows a Strong Wind


This is a basic introduction to Kosin University, compliments of my second-year composition class. We’re still working on which nouns to capitalize and the spelling of “Jesus” and “welcome,” so bear with us.

Kosin University is christian missionary school. Kosin University is located in Youngdo. There are many helpful and kindness people. There are many hills and no amusement facilities so students focus on study hard. Our school precept is CORAMDEO. Therefore, Kosin university students always live based on CORAMDEO.

Kosin University is a Christian School in Busan, South Korea. Most of students are Christian. Also, there are many exchange students so we can talk with them and improve our English skills. It is benefit for us to study in English. Weclome to Kosin University, and then you can believe to god and grow your dream in future.

Kosin University is in Busan, Korea. And it is located in top of the island. So Kosin has a beautiful scenery. We love our university. Because Kosin University is Christian University. And English department is the best in this University.

[This one was whimsically entitled: <Above the Sea>]
Students of Kosin University start the day thereby watching the sun rise. Kosin University have a fantastic view like a horizon and the sky. Also we have a nice night view. We can see the beautiful moon shadow on the sea. Any people are surprised when they come here in the nice view.

Kosin university is a Christian university which is located in Young Island in Busan city. Kosin is all about theology and medical. Kosin university is a healthy university because all students and professors have to claim [climb stairs] up and down every day so they are healthy. Kosin campus is very small so we can go around and enjoy studying. In short, Kosin is a great university for all people to study about God and medical!!

Kosin university is Jejus’s [Jesus’s] university. There are many Christian. But there are some non Christian. The university situated in island. Therefore Kosin University blows a strong wind.

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