Sunday, May 13, 2012

Too Lazy to Write - Here's a Few Pics

Korea is in love with love.

Kimchi break!! When I asked to take their picture, they invited me to join. ^^

but i had waterfalls to find

and bamboo to see

and mountains to climb

and other kimchi breaks to rubber-neck on

thanks, korea

the famed phallic rock

me and shinee and jason mraz

let's murder the english language and all its verbs, shall we?

Bible study pizza night!!

The desert pizza (nutella and bananas) was unquestionably the best

Old ladies are always walking around small patches of grass
harvesting...something. We don't know what, but they go everywhere.

Went to the horse races today and got a million amazing pics. Unfortunately,
my camera saw fit to delete them while I wasn't looking. Guess we'll have to go again.

I was doing well on my Greek studying, so I took a break
to take a cute picture of my out-of-date-not-hipster-enough
glasses and forehead wrinkles

Then I remembered that I still need to memorize
how to decline  πας's masculine, feminine, and neuter forms
in both third and first declension.

No smoking, kiddos

Me and my mama

My lighthouse


  1. Sweet light house and wow, that is a beautiful view---from your apartment?

    1. not quite, but close. my apartment is actually in the picture on the bottom left side. This is from the top of my school.