Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few of my Favourite Things

After 7-hours of class every day last week, my classmates and I were ready for the weekend. We all met up for beers after class got out and toasted our survival. Not really a beer fan myself, but it was relaxing to sit along the riverfront in one of the many bars/cafés that lines Calle Betis. (The bars are cafes in the afternoon, and only turn into bars at night. Around three in the morning, they become clubs.)

But the best part of the weekend was visiting Huelva, the current home of my novio. He has lived there for roughly three months and failed to upload even one picture of his new home or work. For me, it was fun to finally see the place. And it was a dream to visit the beach and walk down the Atlantic shoreline, collecting shells and catching up on lost time.

Because it was such a lovely time, I made a list of a few of my favourite things that I saw in Huelva:

Soccer. This was the first time I’ve ever been surrounded by those who avidly watch, understand, and appreciate the sport I love. It’s an amazing feeling.

Chocolate Cake. We went to a brilliant café called “Vive la Chocolate” (yeah. exactly) in Huelva whose cake reminded me of how good the world is.

Public Transportation. Bus there. Bus back. Bus to the ocean, bus back. Easy, simple, on time.

Parallel Parking. It’s beautiful when done with the precision of a life-long European. An art.

Siesta. Andrew said the reason there weren’t many people at the beach was because it was siesta. On a Sunday, which is a whole day of siesta.

Warm. There is sun and it is lovely.

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