Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phrasal Verbs and Turning Worlds

The world never does stop, not for joy, not for sorrow.

I love this line from Gary Schmidt’s Straw into Gold because not only is it true, but it feels true. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” But when you’re sitting at your desk, aimlessly doodling a couple of cool-looking triangles on your geometry test instead of the answers you were supposed to know, your imagination doesn’t feel all that important. Knowledge nearly always feels imminently more important.

But not only does time keep slinking forward, but it nearly always feels as though it is. That’s how life is for me here. It slows in the mornings during our 4-hour grammar review sessions and flies when I’m seeing the city in the afternoons. My novio made a trip up to Sevilla yesterday and we went to see the Alcazar (the old palace near the Giralda with an amazing garden and beautiful Islamic decorating and architecture).

Homework for my TEFL class reached an alarming rate just the afternoon, the day before my departure to Grenada and the famous Alhambra. Consequently, I’m going to keep this short as the time slips through the leaves on the orange trees of San Jacinto.

I have found great joy here, strolling around Sevilla with my classmates, with my novio, and even by myself. But I think I can feel God slowing turning the world in his fingers and even as I enjoy the moment, I look forward to (a phrasal prepositional verb if there ever was one!) whatever’s coming next.

This is where I spend roughly 7 hours every day. 

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