Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't Worry - I Know CPR!

There are have been some memorable quotes this past week, but my favorite is from Gyu (my unofficial soccer translator who happens to play outside mid like a [skinny, Korean] demon).

Let me preface this by saying that Gyu has a smile that is all things sweet, sincere and polite. But it’s not exactly reassuring when he uses it while translating soccer buddy #38’s, “당신이남자가아니라는것을확신합니까” into

“He says, ‘Are you sure you’re not a man?’ But in a good way!”

The runner-up for this week’s quote contest came from an unidentified defender who kicked me in the stomach.

“Are you okay? Don’t worry. I know *gestures* CPR!”

Third place goes to my dad for telling me to “Have a good weekend! Have an adventure!” Unfortunately, I have failed to do this. Three hours of soccer (even in the beautiful rain) does bad things to an out-of-shape-Elaine’s quad muscles and four hours of sleep does even worse things to her adventurous spirit. So I settled for a small walking tour of my side of the Yeongdo mountain (봉내산, Bongnaesan).
This is "Tomato," one of our main go-to restaurants.

Some friendly schoolgirls who practiced their English on me.
When I asked to take a picture, this was the resulting scramble
for the pink comb. 

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  1. Sometimes some of the little adventures are ones that bring other rewards. Here's hoping that your stomach is feeling better. Kieran has been wondering about your students and their English proficiency exam.