Thursday, November 24, 2011

Way Ahead of You Guys

This is a normal Schnabel Thanksgiving.
JK: this is obvi Christmas. See the snow? Oh, and the old-
time date stamp on the bottom right it pretty good, too.
Let the record show I've grown since then. At least 2 inches.

This morning I thought about all the ways this Thanksgiving was not right. I’ve never had to work before on Thanksgiving, and I was facing two of my least favorite classes and one of my busiest days of the week. Instead of the clink of coffee cups, mom and dad murmurings downstairs, and Gracie’s pitter patter paws downstairs, I heard the people upstairs moving furniture at 7:55.[1] No sister, no fireplace, no football games, no naps.

No mom and dad. That’s big.

That’s a scary first.

Perhaps I’ve always been impressed by the arbitrariness of holiday days because of years in Arizona where Christmas was never as Christmas “should” be. No snow or hot cocoa or whatever it is that makes Christmas feel Christmassy. Perhaps that prepared me for today.

Perhaps I’m finally starting to understand how to be content in all circumstances (though I’m sure my circumstances could become much more difficult than at present). Or perhaps God is providing, like always.

Because I had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Enough introspection! This is how it went down!

With a great many exclamation marks!!!!

With the promise of a morning skype date with my parents!

With Thanksgiving Hand-Turkeys from my students!

With my 500 words of writing a day![2]

With carrots that I boiled all by myself for our potluck dinner![3]

We were, however, sans beagle.
With a great many hugs!

With foreigner friends, with turkey, with mashed potatoes, with gravy, with stuffing, with sweet potatoes[4], with pies[5], with wine, with home-made bread, with laughing, with thanksgiving. With a sort of a family.

[1] At first I thought my internal alarm clock was just that good. But no, the apartment 402 inhabitants are pushing something heavy (a table? Chairs? An ELEPHANT?!) across their floor every morning at this time.
[2] Writing is a dog’s life, but the only life worth living. (Flaubert)
[3] I am cooking impaired. This is the second thing I’ve made since coming to Korea. The first was a ham sandwich.
[4] Ashley is a genius with sweet potatoes.
[5] Elijah baked like 20 pies this week. Did I mention I boiled carrots?

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