Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Blog about Home

American music on the radio. Open country roads. Drive thru ice cream. Making the waitress laugh. A new smartphone (magic for muggles). Reciting memory chapters with my mother. Listening to Cabin Pressure, a BBC radio show about a one-airplane airline. Listening to NPR—I missed Robert Seagull. Introducing my father to The Newsroom. English. English. So much beautiful English all the time. Emails back to Korea. Sun in the morning. Talking for hours with Lainy about everything. Trees outside my window. Shoe shopping--Payless rocks. Grass to roll in. My beagle to hug. My beagle to laugh at when the fireworks go off. Long drives. My sister’s cookies. Wimbledon on the telly. A new(ish) car with stick shift and purple exterior, freshly detailed. Church that feels like home, equal parts childhood and maturity in one. Hugs.
It's been nearly a week. I figured by now I'd have something more than fragments to offer the world, but in times of transition, I'm stubbornly slow.
Also, I wanted my blogosphere to know that I’m guest-blogging for another blog starting this month. Every month on the 11th I’ll be posting for Calvin Writers Online. I apologize in advance for probably skimping slightly on my own blog each month, but seriously encourage you all to check this group blog out. The other writers are crazy talented, engaging, and funny. The last two posts have been particularly engaging for me - one about hitchhiking America, and the other about summer friendships.

A Mt. Fuji favorite

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  1. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. Very evocative, Elaine. It lessens my sadness at your parting.