Friday, July 26, 2013

A Writer's Prayer

God give us wisdom to pursue your dreams first, to take your trips, and write your words. We trust

your high, unfathomable ways.

We depend on them and know that you are not only greater than our hearts, but that you search our hearts and test our thoughts. You see our ambitions and you burn up those which are unworthy of the life to which we've been called. We can do nothing but thank you

fervently, inadequately, constantly

for your providence. All things never new under the sun come from you.  Give us only the strength and wisdom to seek your way, your righteousness, and your Word through equal parts diligence and creativity. We choose to do your work with our writing and accept the paradox that our choice means both everything and nothing at all

for you alone O Lord

have the power we will always seek. We seek the power to change, the power to enlighten, to surprise, and to make new. We seek what you provide. We ask for your grace. We boldly ask for what you promise and what we do not understand or deserve.

We ask for the words.

Finally, a blog post has been born. I have been entranced by the writing on this new Calvin blog and sort of stymied by ogling others' talents. But today's post reminded me to get cracking. A small push in the right direction.

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