Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The CBE Scroll

Huge fan of this blog, the CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) Scroll. Good writers writing with good Biblical basis and a broad variety of interests and origins of thought. It's in conjunction with CBE International and both have some interesting stuff. Thought I'd throw this out on the blog today because a post I found on their site today was particularly interesting/relevant for me.

Here are the relevant quotes I found interesting, but I encourage you to read the whole article here:

"Being feminine isn’t something I must endeavor to do; it is something that I inherently am. I do not need to live up to anyone’s definition of feminine; by virtue of being a female, I define feminine. I. Define. Feminine. Not the other way around."

"When we teach women that there is only one way to be a godly woman, we rob the women who do not fit that stereotype of living their calling to their fullest potential and being the best and most effective version of themselves."

Nothing earth-shattering or super controversial (I hope), but a good reminder for all and encouraging for me personally.

This short post entitled "Punch in the Nose" was also pretty good.

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